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Located at [removed] Painted by David & Susan Frye Read about it
Click here to view or retrieve the image file. I'm sad to report that this mural was damaged and has been taken down. However, here is its information and how it related to Pine Bluff history.

During World War II, cadets were trained for the U. S. Army Air Corps at Pine Bluff's airport, Grider Field.

An airshow in the skies of history pictures planes flown in the first and second world wars. The Fairchild PT-19, which was used to train Army cadets, appears to be flying out of the center of the picture over you.

In WWI John McGavrock Grider of the 85th RAF Squadron gave his life for his country flying a British SE-5 like the ones shown gaining altitude from the left toward the right. It looks like one of them just shot down the German Fokker Dr.1 that looks like it's about to crash.

On the right side of this painting shown escorted by P-51 Mustangs the B-17 bomber is painted in the colors and markings of the plane flown by Major General (retired) Elton Lyle of Pine Bluff when he led the first American raid on Germany.